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Citycat Hotel

Website design, online booking


Website and online booking for hotels

Special request:

"Clients already have the possibility to book our rooms through a variety of websites like Is it possible to also have a booking service on our own website? Would it be possible to synchronize them so we don't have an overbooking".


Our special booking plugin makes sure that the rooms are never overbooked. All bookings from various services are now centralized in one easy to manage calendar to avoid any overbooking problem they might have encountered before.

We also implemented an automated email service to thank customers for staying in the hotel a few days after their trip. The email encourages customers to write a review on Tripadvisor and it has the possibility to give direct feedback to the hotel management regarding their experience.

Booking a hotel room on your smarthphone
Online booking tool and website design for the Citycat hotel
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