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25 Best homepage design examples in 2020

Looking for inspiration for your new website? Or do you want to give that old homepage a brand new look that feels more up to date?

These 25 homepage designs will give you a view on today's trends and hopefully point you in the right direction. Enjoy!


The driver service lender, Lyft, has integrated the use of videos in designing the homepage. The use of motion features, such as animations and videos, is an important web design trend in 2020. Videos are used to attract our attention and to make the user stay longer on the page. Lyft has integrated a full-screen video on the homepage.

The video has deep contrasting and attractive colors that accentuate the brand’s identity. There are elegant and sophisticated swift cuts between the episodes in the video that perfectly mirror an urban life. These scenes perfectly fit the Lyft company as it mainly operates within cities.

Lyft has also incorporated a white color for the typography and the menus that give a lovely accent on the bright and bold video background. There is a bold CTA button that persuades the user to 'Apply to drive.'

website trends - Using video on your homepage

Slab & Tipple

Slab & Tipple's website homepage contains a close-up that instantly makes you crave a piece of chocolate. The serene chocolate image helps to acknowledge the fact that the company has been in existence for a long time. There is also a rough wooden chopping board on the homepage that seems to have gone through a lot. They have a clear text on the hero image that clearly explains what Slab & Tipple company does.

Webdesign trends - bold product image


Lemonade is an insurance company that came up with an exquisite homepage design. The website has a clean white background with pale cloud-like images floating playfully on the background and an elegant shade of magenta.

The text is in dark gray color, a color palette that neutralizes the overall effect.

Clean illustrations on the homepage help to create a friendlier atmosphere.

Homepage design trend insurance company

New York City Ballet

The visuals on this homepage are very soft and put you on the front row of one of their shows. Each element is placed as if on a grid, resulting in a defined margin on either side of the page.

They made it look light and poetic with the help of gentle animations throughout the design. As you scroll down, images and text boxes slide into the page. There are also subtle hover effects, such as images zooming in when placing your cursor over them or CTA buttons inverting their colors.

homepage for a ballet website


A strong clash of bright happy colors, combined with abstract closeup food image definitely give this homepage a youthful vibe.

There’s a clear statement at the top of the page, so there can be no confusion over the purpose of the website. In addition, visitors who are really hungry can quickly type in their postcode to find local vendors straight away.

Food delivery website homepagedesign

Evian (re)new

The Evian (re)new homepage is using a product photo with pastel color to create a soft and playful effect. There are large white spaces to create a clear distinction between the various features. The color palette down the page remains the same with large shades of faded pink and gray. They use a floating menu that stays fixed as you browse to make sure you have a quick and simple website navigation experience.

Homepage design with a focus on the products

La La Land

The La La Land film has a stunning homepage with a full-screen video integration in the background which highlights small sections of the movie without giving away too much of the story.

A banner with awards shows the quality and impact of the movie. They opted for a unique website menu design. They also added CTA's show you where you can purchase the movie and links to their vibrant social media channels.

musical website homepage design ideas


InVision is focusing completely on their mission statement in their homepage design. The large capital letters make an impact and they tell us immediately what the brand is all about. The white menu text on the dark background really pops out, as does the pink CTA button.

Bold homepage design with a focus on the elevator pitch


This rustic and minimalist homepage creates a sense of clarity throughout the page. The unique selling points immediately grabs your attention and the red button compels you to search their database of unique places to stay.

There are a lot more exciting and adventurous images of their unique places database to be discovered as you scroll down the page to keep the customers attention glued to the page.

Minimalist homepage design example

Whitney Museum of American Art

The homepage of this website is aesthetic, attractive, and trendy. The top fold has a simple logo, and as you scroll down, the logo changes gradually and collapses until it finally vanishes.

The text on the homepage is bold, large, and prominent. This makes it easier to communicate with the user. Every element on the page is labeled with bold and concise typography which makes it is easy to navigate through the page.

There are some visuals on the homepage that seem to occupy the center stage on the spacious laid out page with simple black and white layout. Apart from the images, there are several stunning videos of the current artworks and location of the organization to trigger the curiosity of potential customers.

Museum homepage ideas clean design


The Skillshare homepage used some intriguing elements to enhance the user experience. They used videos in the homepage design on the top of the page. These videos display various actual scenes from their online courses of people teaching, painting, taking photos, and more.

Also, the typography is very bold with additional images of people learning and smiling. They aim to get the users in an inspirational mood that triggers the fact that they want to learn something new. As human beings, we are always drawn to want to look at other people's faces; therefore, the integration of these photos draws the visitors into taking a keener look at the people, hence creating a more engaging experience. What is more, there is a bold CTA button that invites the users to 'Get Started for Free.'

website design for video tutorials and video classes

Adopt a Love Story

The Adopt a Love Story homepage uses images and videos of people to grab your attention. The videos are made of family moments that create a sense of connection with them.

While the video is playing, the bold white mission statement remains conspicuous to remind the viewer what the homepage is all about. The logo and menu links are yellow and they chose orange as the perfect color for their CTA buttons, these are colors that evoke a feeling of comfort, softness, and warmth.

website design that evokes feelings


The Dropbox company has a minimalist, classic look on their homepage. They have a unique typeface with a serene color combination to make the website stand out. The homepage contains a solid block of sky blue colors with maroon typography. There is also a bold header and a CTA button on the top fold and another one that stays put as you scroll down the page. The animations herein add a sense of aesthetic feel and help to give more details about the product.

minimalist website design with muted colors


The main colors in the Wagamama website are black, red, and white. They added amazing images and videos of the delicious cuisines to add more color. The homepage looks lively as the video continuously illustrates various food scenes such as broccoli chopping, chili tossing, and people enjoying the food in the restaurant.

The videos and images clearly display what the restaurant offers, and the bold text describes the core values and mission of the organization. While scrolling down, the web features glide and swirl rhythmically, adding more beauty into the page.

website design with focus on food


The homepage of the Outdoorsy website is filled with stunning photos that portray a sense of adventure, nature, freedom, and comfort. The site will make you want to pack your backpack and leave to one of the various destinations.

The caption ‘Find What Moves You’ speaks to the users, with an online booking form underneath it. It really takes a lot of courage not to be book a trip with this tempting online booking form.

Website design for outdoor brand


A compelling, high resolution photo of four diverse women that look you straight into the eyes makes a strong impression on the homepage. They move away from the classic smooth and soft makeup images. This design is crisp and empowering, with large red text, clean rectangular shapes and a stark black on white contrast.

Ace & Tate

Did somebody say hipster eye wear? The Ace & Tate website uses a split-screen design that clearly highlights the visuals and the typography. As you scroll down, the homepage integrates more elements with a diverse layout to create a playful and dynamic feel. When you scroll down there are more beautiful photos positioned on top of each other, and an animated illustration attached on the FAQ page. The animation slides across the page gracefully to create a really persuasive feel.

website for hipster eyewear designs

Jean-Francois Bury

Chef Jean-Francois Bury has used a sleek back background with bright and bold pictures of his kitchen in contrast with the black background.

The real product here is the chef and his expertise. There are various media features to add more allure to the dishes. They used an atmospheric video at the top of him preparing some sizzling dishes.

exclusive restaurant website design


The rustic Laduree homepage has full-screen images of pastel-colored macaroons matched with dainty leaves and petals. The iconic menu is pale green with a golden serif font. The theme creates a sense of nature, signifying the fact that the Laduree brand has been operational for long.

The color palette is largely harmonious throughout the page, with an integrated Instagram feed to keep the users updated on the latest photos and products.

Confectionery and pastry website design


The Nurx website integrates a refreshing design on its homepage. They extensively used pastel colors and photos of diverse young women to create a soft and engaging feel. The handwritten text creates a feeling of personal touch. They have gathered a lot of customer reviews which generate a sense of trust and helps the users to feel safe.

Four seasons

The Four Seasons hotel website integrates a full-screen video that glues their visitors to the page. There are different swift cuts between the scenes in the video that evoke a desire to be at the displayed beach resorts and explore the urban scenes. There is a booking form that elegantly pops out of the footage inviting the viewers to book a hotel or a resort.

Luxurious hotel website design - unique destination website developer


The Created company's homepage has a full-screen video that is super vibrant to capture the visitor's attention. The video contains fast-paced illustrations that give more details about the brand. The green and purple creative graphics and bold texts create an energetic feeling on every page of this website.

creative and artsy website design ideas

Pep Guardiola

The football manager Pep Guardiola's is the main theme of the website. He stands out on this black homepage background. The made the image pop out by adding the sparkling lights. The homepage accentuates stardom and you are treated with a changing layout as you scroll down the site. Although the design changes down the page, the border surrounding the pages remains static, and the hamburger menu remains accessible.

The users can also change the language of the page, thanks to the multilingual settings at the top fold of the homepage.


Fiverr has integrated a clear mission statement at the top to help the clients understand how the brand operates and how it can benefit them. There is a search bar displayed front-and-center that can help the users by suggesting popular choices.

This bold design uses popping colors and leading lines to push your attention towards that specific search bar. The image shows one of the freelancers on the platform and they added a very subtle review score underneath her picture.

A list of well known companies using their services will make you instantly feel comfortable.

Creative website design with bold colors and leading lines


Next to having a clever and unique business concept the Biomarker homepage is also very clever designed with a clear and to the point design. There is a precise, bold statement at the top fold. And they use a full-screen video that further conveys the health, fitness, and wellness mission of the brand.

While the site has more text content, they have managed to divide the content into manageable easy to read chunks. The differently sized text creates a sense of hierarchy and versatile sections with contrasting background colors to split up the sections harmoniously.

We hope that this overview of trendy websites and homepage designs filled your head with inspiration for your own exciting online project.

Looking for someone to build that awesome compelling website for you? Look no further and drop us a line through our contact form.

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