Your homepage is like a storefront, it is the entrance to your site, and the first thing that the users will notice when they access your site. As such, making a great first impression is essential in enhancing user experience. When designing the website, consider user satisfaction and long-term engagement. Better user satisfaction leads to a higher conversion rate. Conversion simply means getting the visitors to do what you want. When a user subscribes to your site and the newsletter, signs up for a new product or services, and even buys a product, it means that the client has had a great experience, and he or she is there for long.

When designing a website, our aim is mainly to increase the drive more traffic into the site. To consistently expand the number of users and the conversion rate in your site, you need to put considerable effort into the web design and the website navigation process, such that it is attractive and easy to follow.

There are certain essential factors to consider in creating an excellent homepage design. Here are some essential details to consider:

Define your brand identity

You need to communicate clearly who you are and what you do. The users’ attention spans are minimal. The users skim through the site to quickly to identify your brand and what you are offering. If you are not straightforward, the users will get bored and leave the page. Therefore, make your brand recognizable almost intuitively to avoid confusing the users.

Make it crystal clear what services or products you are offering. You could incorporate a short tag line to describe your brand. You could also use a contrasting image that communicates your brand’s core values and clearly represents your products or services. If your company sells cosmetics, you could add a photo of the products and add a short tag line like, ‘elegance, straight from nature.’

Enhance the conversion rate

Enhancing the essence of your homepage is significant in boosting the conversion rate. You need to boost the number of visitors to your site as well as their cooperation in buying the products or subscribing to your services. As such, add strategic call-to-action buttons on the homepage for the users to perform the expected tasks efficiently.

Contrasting and strategic CTAs entice the users to click on them so that to perform tasks such as subscription, buying and downloading a file. If the users get confused finding the call-to-action buttons, they may give up and leave the site without completing their activities, leading to a low conversion rate.

Create a persuasive homepage design

The visual appearance and layout of the homepage are significant in compelling visitors to stay. The outlook of the homepage is the thing that the users will notice when they land on your site; thus, it is crucial to set a strong first impression. Note that 65% of the visual content is recalled by the visitors long after they leave your site. Therefore, wow and engage the users when they get on your website. Remember that you aim to win them over, not only at that moment but also for them to become long-term customers to enhance your conversion rate. Also, ensure that their browsing experience is interactive not only at the first impression but throughout their browsing experience.

When designing the site, take into consideration the layout, the website color scheme, typography, and images. You could also check these 7 design principles that are applied to websites.

Improve the user experience (UX)

Ensure that the users get a seamless experience when browsing through your site. Great user experience will boost their level of engagement, fun, accessibility, and satisfaction. When designing a homepage, think about what the users are looking for when coming to your website and what you want them to know. After identifying these factors, craft a design that guides them through the site in a smooth way. To achieve a fluid navigation process, integrate a button design, a beautiful layout, and align the features strategically.

Improve brand awareness

Your homepage is a great tool to make your brand stand out from the competitors. Make your homepage shine and pass a never-seen-before message. Every element in your site should reflect your brand identity and let the visitors have a tacit feel of what your brand stands for. From the media features to the written text, let all the elements reflect your brand’s values and goals.