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5 Essential Practices to Create a Stunning Homepage

Your homepage is like a storefront, it is the entrance to your website and the first thing that the users will notice when they access your website. As such, making a great first impression is essential in improving your user experience. During the design process of your website think about how it will influence the user satisfaction and long-term engagement.

Better user satisfaction leads to a higher conversion rate. Conversion simply means getting the visitors to do what you want. When a user subscribes to your site and the newsletter, signs up for a new product or services, and even buys a product, it means that the client has had a great experience.

When designing a website,the aim is mainly to increase the traffic towards that website. To consistently expand the number of users and the conversion rate on your website we need to put considerable effort into the web design and the website navigation process in order to make it attractive and easy to understand.

Below we listed some essential details to consider when creating an excellent homepage design.

5 Essential Practices to Create a Stunning Homepage

Define your brand identity

On your homepage you will need to communicate clearly who you are, what you do and what the benefit will be for the visitor. The attention span of users is minimal and users will skim through the homepage and website quickly to identify who you are and what you are offering. If you are not straightforward, the users will get bored and leave the homepage. Therefore, make your brand and services instantly recognizable in an intuitive way to avoid confusing your website visitors.

Make it crystal clear what services or products you are offering. You could incorporate a short tag line to describe your brand, products or services. You could also use a contrasting image that communicates your core values and clearly represents your products or services. If your company sells cosmetics, you could add a photo of the products and add a short tag line like, ‘elegance, straight from nature.’

Focus on conversions

A well designed homepage will boost your conversion rate. Yes, without traffic your website is useless, but without conversions the traffic is useless. So next to boosting the number of visitors to your site you should also focus on adding strategic call-to-action buttons on the homepage so the visitors can do easily what you want them to do..

Contrasting and strategically placed CTAs compel the users to click on them so they perform tasks such as subscribing to a newsletter, buying an item and downloading a file. If the users get confused and there are no clear call-to-action buttons to guide them through the signup or purchase process they may give up and leave your website without completing their activities, which will lead to less sales.

Create a persuasive homepage design

The visual appearance and layout of the homepage are significant to let visitor stay longer on your website. Blow them away with the homepage and they want to discover more.

It is crucial to set a strong first impression. Note that 65% of the visual content is recalled by the visitors long after they leave your website. Therefore, wow and engage with the users when they get on your website. Remember that you aim to win them over, not only at that moment but you also want them to become long-term customers. Also, ensure that their browsing experience is interactive not only at the first impression but throughout their browsing experience.

When designing the site, take the layout into consideration, the website color scheme, typography, and the images you will use. You could also check these 7 design principles that are often applied to websites.

5 Essential Practices to Create a Stunning Homepage

Improve the user experience (UX)

Ensure that the users get a seamless experience when browsing through your website. Great user experience will boost their level of engagement, fun, accessibility, and satisfaction.

When designing a homepage, think about what the users are looking for when coming to your website and what you want them to know. After identifying these factors, craft a design that guides them through the site in a smooth way. To achieve a fluid navigation process, integrate a standard button design, a beautiful layout, and align the different features strategically.

Improve brand awareness

Your homepage is a great tool to make your brand stand out from the competitors. So make sure that your homepage shines and pass on a never-seen-before message to your visitors. Every element in your website should reflect your brand identity. From the media features to the written text, let all the elements reflect your brand’s values and goals.

We hope that these 5 essential practices to create a stunning homepage. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

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