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Product Branding that sells to your target audience

Even if you do not have first-hand experience with an Apple Iphone, or have never used Nike sneakers for running, I bet you have an immediate emotional response to these products.

Successful product branding is all about utilizing the physical design of your product in combination with promotional campaigns to tell a cohesive story about what your product is and why it is different and better compared to similar models on the market.

An eye-catching logo, a stunning website, impressive packaging, or a memorable tagline are essential for your product branding strategy.

what is product branding?

Know your brand identity

It's essential to know what your brand is and what it stands for before embarking on a brand identity campaign. To understand your brand, start by answering the following questions:

1. What is your product's purpose? You can derive the purpose of your brand from your mission statement. Think of it as your "elevator pitch".

2. Who is your target audience? Why are you focusing on particular audiences and not any other groups? Is the age, educational and professional background or the place of residence? Knowing your audience is essential for effective product branding.

3. What are the beliefs that your audience holds? Evaluate their values, lifestyle, and the character or your target audience.

4. Do similar products or services exist in the market? What do your potential customers love or hate about those other services? What sets you apart from them? Carrying out competitor research is essential in providing up-to-date services.

Your honest answers to these questions will help you to design your product branding mission more effectively.

product branding tips

Narrate your story to your audience

After understanding your brand identity, it is time to tell your story to the world.

Your narratives should align with the mission, vision, and core values of your brand. It should evoke a long-lasting emotional connection with the brand.

1. Select a great color scheme: Select a color palette that will make your brand grow and glow. The logo, flyers, and website should have a color palette that will make your brand stand out in the crowd.

2. Choose your fonts: Typography is essential in delivering your content effectively. Ensure that your materials are legible.

3. Create a stunning logo: You can customize your logo so it reflects the unique identity of your business. Make sure it is usable or customizable so it fits all marketing platforms from print to digital and beyond.

Create a website

A website is an excellent place to showcase your products. You clients will be all over it looking for all the details they need in order to make a purchase. Make sure to have all that info centralized on the product page or in an easy accessible FAQ section.

The website should also have an intuitive design (UX) that is made specifically for your audience.

How to maintain a consistent brand identity

Consistency is crucial while promoting your products. Once you have determined your brand and product identity you need to stick to it so that returning customers can identify with your products and brand more easily. If it is done well and you really understand what your audience needs, this will increase amount of returning customers and recurring sales.

We hope that this product branding guide will help you in your online journey. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

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