Brand identity: 9 ideas to Build your Brand Identity

Is it Facebook's blue or Nike's Swoosh? Whenever you come across the swoosh and the blue visuals, you always associate them with the specific company and its products and services. The ability to immediately link these visuals with the particular company results from the power of branding. These organizations built a brand that has global recognition. This is why you can recognize the brand from among millions of brands out there. Your ability to identify the brand serves the company just right.

This article focuses on how to create and enhance your brand to have a real impact on your customers. The article will also focus on integrating the concept of identity while building your brand. It is also essential to mind your mind whenever you craft messages or use social media for advertising your site. Below is a well-explained list of the most effective steps to take to ensure that you build your brand identity in no time.

Meaning of brand identity

You definitely are asking what brand identity is. Brand identity is a crucial part of the success path of your website, company, and your products and services. Your goals, mission, vision, and values are all carried forward by your brand identity. A positive perception of your brand by your customers will lead to higher success of the brand. Just like human beings display their character through the food they eat, the clothes they wear, or even the kind of friends they associate with, so is your brand. Your brand expresses its identity by sounding or behaving in a defined manner.

way to go in defining your brand identityThe

Creating a brand identity is a process that demands significant efforts. However, before we delve into the creative part, consider the following activities to help you understand your brand. You need first to define your brand so that you can take subsequent steps of making the brand clear, consistent, and with a user-influence.

Find your brand’s tone of voice.

Which personality does your brand represent? Most Website owners find it challenging to find the right voice for their brand. So, you will have to do an extensive analysis to determine the most appropriate voice for your brand. To help you make the best choice, here are some insights:

Visualize a real conversation with a potential customer. Imagine that during the dialogue, that customer is swayed by your convincing words and accepts the brand. Determine the elements in the conversation that led to the persuasion of the customer. The components that made the particular conversation a success are the voice that you have been looking for. Did you use a specific vocabulary? If yes, that skill is essential for your business voice. Go further and imagine the word of goodwill that the specific customer will pass to his or her friends. Will they, too, embrace your brand? Determine how you want the friends and other users to discuss your brand. As you ponder over these questions, you will be able to determine the voice, mood, and attitude of your branding.

Define the core values of your brand

In creating a brand identity, you need to determine the core values of your brand. It is not all about the profit, but the goals short-term and long-term goals. Apart from the money aspect, try to build a long-standing connection with the users. Thus, customers will have a stronger reason to believe in your brand.

Apart from buying the product, highlight the overflowing added advantages of your products. Your users may be supporting sustainable environmental development by buying your reusable and long-lasting products. Or the products make them appear more confident and relaxed. If it is a restaurant, maybe you could highlight that it is a place to enjoy with family and friends.

As such, you need to make a full list of the core values that your brand stands for and connect them with the voice of the brand.

Create your story, mission, and vision

As you realistically narrate your personal experiences, your customers will relate with them hence interact with you more deeply. Communicate your side of the story to success or that of the brand in a specific, authentic, and relatable manner.

You need to highlight what actually inspired your brand and your future milestones. Also, you need to tailor your story to your target audience. How exactly does the story fit in their lives? Are the products you are offering them worthwhile? How do you wish to interact with them? You should explain these details in a crystal clear manner for the customers to create a long-lasting impression about you and your brand.


You have already determined what will go into creating your brand identity. Now, you need to actualize your ideas. The look and feel of your website play a significant role in building your brand identity. Thus, the website design is essential in creating a visual appeal for the users. When designing the website, enhance the visual appeal by following these steps:

a. Determine the best design

If you would imagine your website as a person, which fashion sense would you like it to adopt, would it be a professional look or a retro style? Would it look classy or sporty? The answer will give you an insight into determining the visual expression of your brand. The visual appearance needs to align with the tone, vision, and goals that you have already set in enhancing your brand identity.

b. Design a meaningful logo

Your logo should say everything concerning the brand. Your logo is second to your business name. It helps to capture the essence of your brand more memorably. You can create the logo yourself or seek the help of an expert logo maker. This article on how to design a logo will provide the most relevant details in the logo making process.

c. Select an effective color combination and font layout

A great combination of fonts and colors goes a long way in enhancing your brand identity. This article will help you in selecting the perfect combination of brand colors. Also, this guide will be beneficial in helping you to find your ideal fonts. However, these guides are just the tip of the iceberg; you will encounter many more font and color combinations as you design your website and create ads. Therefore, it is your responsibility to determine the best color-font combination to create the best visual language and to build your brand identity.

To communicate smoothly with your customers, you need to invest considerable effort in the choice of your words and the wording. Text and colors are crucial in building visual appeal. A compelling visual appeal will go a long way in making your brand identity.

d. Incorporate a perfect tagline (slogan/motto)

You want to describe your brand in a few proficient words. This is a concise description of your brand and what it offers. Sp, the tagline should be very catchy, intriguing, and attractive. The slogan/motto should also be simple to avoid user confusion as a result of ambiguity.

e. Write your story and the brand's story.

The narrative that you theoretically determined you need now to put it in a practical design. Sharpen and refine your storytelling skills by writing the most inspiring article about yourself and the brand. The story needs to be captivating and attractive to readers. You may include both short and long paragraphs and avail them in all your marketing platforms.

f. Create a matching blog

A blog really enhances branding and brand identity. Through a blog, you will experience the freedom to write all the big and small details concerning your brand. You will be able to use both personal and professional tones in crafting your various blog articles. Check this article on the ultimate guide on how to start a blog if you are new to blogging.

g. Evaluate what is right for your brand

Different brands have different means of creating their brand identity. Understand which advertising efforts advance your brand identity and which ones undermine it or have little impact. For example, the brands that have more visual content may benefit immensely from Instagram adverts. In contrast, the brands that are content-oriented will least benefit from such a platform, and it would instead use Linkedln to advertise.

h. Build your online presence-social media linkage

Social media and other online platforms offer avenues with a large number of people to build your brand identity. Social media channels and newsletters are essential in communicating with customers and potential clients. Just exercise the proper voice, words, wording, and color, and you will attract more social media users into liking your brand. Also, social media marketing is very flexible and dynamic, and it will give you room to experiment with all your advertising techniques and other details of your brand. Besides, the costs of social media marketing are considerably small in comparison to offline marketing.

i. Use Offline marketing techniques.

It is a worthwhile venture to explore offline marketing opportunities. Assess the various offline opportunities that are available for your product. For instance, sporting brands can sponsor sporting teams. Also, meetings and conferences with other business owners can be an excellent platform to learn as well as give your brand exposure.

Essential ideas to remember in building your brand identity

Be consistent in your website and blog activities: In creating a lasting brand identity, consistency is vital. Explore your logo, color, wording, tone, and voice over and over.

Ensure Simplicity: Keep everything as simple and as straightforward as you can. The goal if for your customers to recognize your brand almost intuitively.

Check if everything is working correctly: After doing all the above activities, ensure that you get your desired results. The sole intention is to grow your business, so make sure that your business is growing as expected; otherwise, you may decide to change to something new.