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Email Marketing tips and tricks

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy for sending emails to existing and prospective customers. Effective email campaigns have a high conversion rate, and they will drive more traffic to your website.

Email marketing helps businesses to create and share smart marketing invitations, promotions, and product updates with their customers. Email marketing is a super efficient way to share your brand info across all devices at the click of a button. There are various designer-made email marketing templates and customizable email styles to help you communicate your business message more effectively and to engage with them more efficiently.

Email marketing is one of the most direct ways to connect with your customers, nurture them, and turn them into consistent long-term clients.

Share your email marketing campaigns widely to drive more traffic to your website. Email marketing is an indispensable way of getting the word out about your brand. Therefore email marketing is essential in enhancing brand identity.

It is essential to keep your customers updated about your brand and what you are doing professionally. Email marketing is the perfect wy of passing both a friendly and professional message about your business to enhance brand identity.

Simply email your contacts, website subscribers, and social media followers a well-crafted message about your brand. Or just say hello and welcome them to your website.

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy for sending emails to existing and prospective customers

Focus areas of an effective email marketing strategy

consider the following factors when setting up your email marketing campaign

  1. Marketing goals

  2. List building

  3. Branding and design

  4. Loyalty encouragement

  5. Messaging and content

  6. Analysis

Features for email marketing

Design beautiful emails to market your website more smartly. Consider changing the background of your email, use great fonts and colors to be immediately recognized by your followers.

Ready-made Templates

You can also use already made email styles (templates) to create an efficient email marketing campaign. In most email marketing tools you can select professional and gorgeous templates that suit your brand and products. Just updates the colors and your fonts to give it that personal brand touch.

Quick contact integration

Connect your email service with your website and/or your CRM system. This will keep the list always up to date and it makes it easier for people to unsubscribe on all communication when they are no longer interested in your brand and products.

Social media link

To enrich your email marketing campaign, share the email campaigns on your social media platforms and other popular social media platforms. When sharing the email campaigns, remember to include relevant links to connect back to your business website.

Stat checker

Your website should have a built-in tracker to help you check on the success of each email campaign. These stats checkers give you accurate details on the number of opens, views, and clicks for each email campaign. This information is essential in helping to craft even better email campaigns in the future.

Importance of email marketing

Today, email marketing is still the number one communication channel around the world. Research has it that about 99% of consumers check their emails daily. This claim cannot be used for other communication channels

Email marketing has a higher conversion rate compared to other platforms. When you invite someone through a well-crafted professional email, that invite has the potential to make the customer spend more when buying products from your site than when they land to your website from external links. Email sales are said to be three times higher than social media linked sales.

How to grow your email list

The easiest method to grow your email list is to ensure that your website users sign up through your website. But it is difficult to really convince them to sign up in the first place.

Therefore, you need to make your brand, services and products more attractive with a great offer. Give new subscribers a discount or free shipping to get them to sign up.

You can also use a lead magnet such as free ebooks, tips, resources, samples, free trials, free quotes, free consultations, coupons, etc.

We hope that this email marketing guide will give your marketing efforts a big boost. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

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