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Boost your Brand Awareness with a strong Digital Marketing strategy

Digital marketing has taken the world by speed. It quickly became the preferred option over traditional mediums such as print advertising and standard tv/radio commercials. And that happened for many good reasons.

  • It’s measurable

  • It targets people where they are (online)

  • It is very scalable

While it’s became stronger and more developed over time, it’s still up to you to make sure you’re using it effectively to increase your brand awareness, which will, in turn, convert leads into customers and eventually grow your business.

Talk with and listen to your audience on social media

Social media channels are a great place to showcase your brand personality and to talk with your audience. While it might make sense to be on all social platforms, you should only spend time on channels where your audience is truly active.

For example, if you’re a B2C business that focuses on an audience of millennials, you would probably want to engage with them through Instagram more than LinkedIn.

Make sure that you take the time to understand the different media channels that your audience is using. As example; Instagram and TikTok might seem the same, but they are very different. Once you decide which platforms will fit your business you can start to design your brand awareness strategy. Define your social media goals and tailor your posts to meet those goals while promoting engagement with your followers.

Do your research to study which types of media they prefer on these channels. Do they want to see strong images or do they prefer video, what kind of image style appeals to them, what are their buzzwords, what triggers them to click on and engage with your posts. Have a look at your competitors, but go further than that. Seek out the most trending topics that capture the interest of your audience and see how you can apply that look-and-feel to your brand awareness campaign.

brand awareness with Social media marketing

Create an Email Marketing Strategy that Converts

Emails still convert! Emails are still a very strong medium, and it’s definitely worth investing your time into. Consider creating campaigns that not only appeal to your audience, but get your leads a little further down the sales funnel. Shopping cart abandonment series, drip campaigns and incentivized emails are not only a great way to improve your brand awareness, but they entice people to go back to your website to take the next step in the sales funnel.

Take Advantage of Organic SEO

Google is an insanely active search engine, people are constantly online and that shows in the numbers. A whopping 38 million search request per minute clearly shows the importance of scoring high in these search results. So organic traffic should be a part of your strategy. Start by searching for the best keywords and terms to use in the copy of your website.

There are plenty of free and paid tools out there you can use (we use Semrush), and optimizing your content with the right keywords will increase your digital presence on search engines like Google. (SEO is more than just keywords, but it is a good start!)

Show your expertise in your blog

Your blog is a great way to work on your brand awareness. Aim to write blog posts that answer common questions of your audience. Make sure it is informational, interesting, easy to read and useful.

Share your posts on social to show that you care about the questions your audience has and to reflect the fact that you are a true industry expert. Also add them to your next email so you are not only pushing products to your subscribers.

The best way to broaden your brand exposure is by creating an in-depth digital marketing plan that includes the options mentioned above. If you are not sure where to start, just drop us a note and we will do our very best to help you out with all your digital marketing questions.

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