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Rank Higher in the Google Maps Search Results with these tips

Google Maps allows users to, get real time info on how to get in an efficient way to their destination. But sometimes, people don't know what the destination is, and they are using Google Maps to find that destination.

They might be searching for a great place to have lunch, a nearby furniture store, a bakery or a bicycle repair service. Google Maps has become the most important tool to find a local business and I bet that you want to rank at the top when people are looking for one of the services you offer.

Here are some pro tips to rank high in the Google Maps search results.

Organic Google rank

The current Google rank of your website plays a big role in the Google Maps algorithm. Make sure that your website is optimized in terms of SEO before focusing on Google Maps.

How to rank higher in the Google Maps search results

Claim Your Map Listing

Ok, so your website is configured as good as possible. Then now it is time to go to Google Maps and add or claim your map listing. It is best to do it this way: Search your business in Google Maps. If you see it on the map in the right location then claim the listing. If it doesn’t appear, add it as a place to Maps and then go claim the listing. In order to claim your business location and make edits to it you will need to create a Google My Business account as well.

Thoroughly Complete Your Google My Business Listing

Make sure to put as much detailed information in your Google My Business (GMB) account as possible. The more information you can give to Google, the more the search engine can supply to the searchers. And that will have an impact on your rankings. These are the key data points you need to focus on in Google My Business:

  • Phone number: Use your local number, this will help you verify your location.

  • Business hours: Keep these as updated as possible, include your holiday hours.

  • Listing description: Aim to optimize this description with local SEO keywords. For example, if you’re a Cupcake store in New York, use, “New York bakery offering freshly baked cupcakes and delicious coffee” instead of “offering fresh cupcakes and coffee daily.”

  • Business category: This is one of the most critical sections in GMB, as it will help Google compare your category information from all over the Web to confirm it.

  • Images: Try to add new images here as you would also do on your Instagram. (Add a few new pictures every month) Make sure they are relevant to your audience. Show your store, storefront, goods you sell, happy customers...

Ask for Google Reviews from Your Customers

Reviews will boost your trustworthiness, and reviews are another ranking factor for Google Maps. To get the link for customers to rate you through Google:

  1. Go to your Google Maps listing

  2. Click “more information” and copy the direct link you find there

  3. Share this link through an email blast to your subscribers or recent purchasers, via social media and give it a spot on your website.

The most important thing here is: When people comment on your business, you will not be able to control those comments. So there might be bad reviews from unhappy customers. So that is why it is important to ask happy customers to write a review. A few of these reviews will already give you a significant boost in the Google Maps Search results. Ranking on the top of the search results within Google Maps will take some time and effort, but it's definitely worth to invest some extra time into perfecting your listing. Good Luck! Let us know if you have any questions regarding marketing your business through Google Maps.

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