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How to Write the Perfect ‘About Us’ Page

The perfect 'About Us' page serves as a quick look into your organization. This page allows your business to display its strengths, provides crucial details about your business, and gives a brief description what drives you and your team to do the things you do.

Here is a list of nine steps to guide you through in creating the perfect About Us page.

Planning your About Us page

In order to structure the ‘About Us’ page in an orderly way, you need to create a list of content ideas. Be mindful about the kind of content you put on that page and don't turn it into a incoherent section with only the content that you did not know where to place.

As soon as you know how big your content parts will be you can make it a bit more visual by sketching a wireframe design of the page.

But before you jump in and start a brainstorm session with your team we suggest to read on and check all 9 tips to create your perfect about us page. Go team!

How to Write the Perfect ‘About Us’ Page for your team

1. Integrate Narratives

When writing your About Us page, consider telling a story about how the business got where it is today. Even if you just started out there is an origin story to tell.

Users always love to identify with you and your brand at a personal level; they want inspiration from real-life milestones. Share helpful facts about your business with your audience; its history, challenges, and success details that you think will not collide with the main agenda of the website content. Try to avoid too much personal information as this might just affect your plot. Create a sense of suspense to keep the readers wanting more.

Give a bit of insight on your background and emphasize on your years of experience in the particular field to instill confidence and interest. Also focus on future innovations that you are anticipating. Tell your story from the beginning to the end in a captivating way.

2. Live in the present

As you narrate about the foundation of your brand, remember to focus on the present and tell the users what exactly you can offer now. Talk about your existing plans and incorporate the users into the plans so that they can understand that they are part of your mission.

3. Use a tone of voice that fits your business

Your business or brand already has its distinct voice that appeals to the type of audience you want to have on your website. Give the users what they need and talk to them in a tone that they understand. How you write your content and display the various elements on the page is essential in revealing your language to the users. It is key to maintain your brand identity.

4. Integrate videos and photos

Videos and photos can be essential in gaining customer trust and sympathy. They provide a charming visual appeal when you give them an inside look into your company. Studies show that visual content almost humanizes the brands which creates a sense of trust. Your images may display the real people behind the business to make it even easier for potential customer to reach out to you as if they already know you.

Remember to include photos that add show who you really are, such as photos from the actual workplace. Make sure that the images you use are of high quality.

5. Edit and proofread your content

When writing the About Us page, ensure that the content has no grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Re-read your work and ask a third-party to read the content for you. Utilize the help of tools such as Grammarly to help you check for possible errors.

6. Do your SEO research

The About Us page is not different from the rest of the website. Make sure that the page has the right keywords to boost your organic traffic. Use keywords that are relevant for your business, just as you would do on all your other webpages. Don't forget to optimize your images by adding the appropriate ALT tags.

7. Provide social media links

An About Us page is a great place to build a human connection with your audience.

Provide contact details and invite them to join the conversation on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedln.

We are sure that by the time they reach the end of your about us page they want to follow you to know the latest news about all the things you do. Make sure to give your fans what they need and give them an inside look on those social media channels by posting team pictures and business updates.

You can even create a hashtag that relates to your business so people can tag you in the product photos they put on Instagram.

8. Advertise your business

Do not hold back in revealing the strengths of your brand. The About Us page is an excellent place to show off your skills, products and services; present your company in the most appealing way possible, highlight the best products to inspire trust and confidence, showcase your wins and your passion for what you do.

You could incorporate the following details to give an even broader perspective about your business:


Integrate customers reviews about your products and services to instill a feeling of trust. Reviews can go really in to detail about your products and services,


Customers can give more detailed info about how it will be to work together with you or purchase something from you. They need to be focused on your business and not on your products and services. This is meant for a high-level approach and they willhelp give more credibility and trust to your brand. You may the customer's names to the testimonials to create more trust.


You may use news articles to highlight the credibility of your company, products or services. This will help to present your business as well know to the public. It will also make the company look reliable and trustworthy.


Showcase your awards if you would have them. People will always be attracted to the winner.

9. Include something about your work culture

About pages are a favorite page to visit by candidates for your vacant jobs. Already make them a fan of your business and show them all the incredible benefits of working for you. Get them hyped so they are instant fans and will pick your company of other possible employers.

We are sure that you now how to construct the perfect About Us page for your company. Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts if you have any additional questions.

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