How to Write Effective Title tags and Meta Descriptions for a Higher Google Ranking

Meta tags are short descriptions of your page’s content. It will not be visible on your webpages but it will be embedded in the code. Your page info is composed out of two parts: a meta title and a meta description. You have to create a unique title and description for each page of your website.

In the organic Google, Bing or other search engine results, your page information will be displayed as a summary of what that specific webpage is all about. People who are searching for certain info will scan the meta data on the search engine results page to find a description that fits with the information they are looking for.

Page Titles

Ensure that the page titles and their descriptions for your pages are very clear. Potential clients need to get clear and specific info to decide beforehand whether they want to visit your website or not.

Create your meta title tags so they match the main keywords of your page. Make sure that each meta title tag is unique for each page to help the search engines make a clear distinction between the pages on your website.

Page description

The page description appears underneath the page title on the search results. The page description should contain a short summary of what the page is about. The page description details are essential because it provides potential visitors with more details of your webpage before they click through to your webpage.

Mae sure that the page description description reflects your brand identity and contains the most important keywords from that specific page.

SEO tips for your page titles

  1. Each page title should be unique with clear and concise information about the page.

  2. The page title needs to include the important keywords of that page.

  3. You can include your business or brand name when creating the page title.

  4. You can add your business location to improve your location based SEO. (recommended for small businesses with a local audience)

  5. Ensure that the page title is max 70 characters long

SEO tips for your page descriptions

  1. Each page description should be unique with clear and concise information about the page.

  2. Add relevant keywords for the specific website and the website.

  3. A page description should be between 50-320 characters

We hope that you now know how to start with creating your meta title and meta description. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you need someone to guide you through the journey of boosting your SEO and website traffic.