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How to use high quality media for your business website

To get your website noticed and to let it have a long lasting impression, you need to use high quality media such as photos, videos, and animations.


Images are essential in creating a long-lasting impression on your users. Make sure to use attractive and eye-catching photos to illustrate your content. You can use professional photo editing tools to edit the background of your images to create a more professional look. Edit, adjust, resize, and apply effective filters to make your pictures more likable.

When using images, include image alt texts. The alt text phrases are essential to rank higher in the organic Google search engine results because Google bots can locate them quickly. Also, ensure to include the relevant keywords that match with the content of your webpage you are placing them on.

Try to stay away from cliche stock photos and try to make your own unique image style so people will recognize your look when they see some of your marketing communication passing by in the future.

Images can influence the speed and overall performance of your website. So make sure to have a look at our image optimization blog post before you add them to your website.

use attractive and eye-catching photos to illustrate your content


Add high quality videos to wow your visitors. Videos can go a long way in providing relevant visual demonstrations for your products and services.

Video can be used in many ways and one of the better ones is focused on helping the client on a, what seems to be, a personal level. By making video's of answers to your most famous FAQ questions it seems like you give your audience a personal answer.

You can also upload webinars you recorded or create interesting "how to" video's to give your audience some more inspiration.

Social media integration

Ensure that you share your images and the videos to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Include a social feed on your website so your beautiful Instagram posts and interesting Facebook feed is also accessible through your website.

If new visitors weren't following you yet on social there is a big chance they will if they see your social content on your website.

We hope that this blog article about how to use high quality business website media features will help you to improve your website experience. Do not hesitate to reach out to our experts if you have any questions.

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